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Move or Stay?

Many families come to us at a time when one or both of their parents have begun to have more and more difficulties. Something needs to change in order for everyone to stay healthy and safe.

Guilt slows most families down. The kids do not want to force mom or dad into making a decision, and everyone wants to avoid the pressure of making a move. Some families even decide on the more expensive route, like 24-hour home health care, to avoid all confrontations.

However, choosing a loving, active senior living community can not only help the parents stay healthy and safe, but it can also help them not be so lonely and isolated - instead they can thrive!

When making a decision on whether or not it is time to move, consider all the pros and cons such as:  delicious, healthy meals 3 times a day, physical well-being, social welfare, housekeeping and laundry services, daily medication administration, help during a emergency, easy access to exercise programs, increased feelings of integrity and even independence.

Courageous Conversation

Starting a conversation with a family member about moving to a senior living community can be difficult. If you’re feeling nervous, uncomfortable, or guilty bringing up the subject, the following tips can make the conversation a little easier.

  • Be prepared. Do your research before the conversation takes place so you can provide thorough information about senior living, assisted living, and independent living options.
  • Let everyone have a role. Invite all parties involved to talk openly about options. Make sure your family members feel their concerns are being heard.
  • Talk when you’re at your best. Choose a moment when you and your family are rested and feeling well.
  • Choose a partner. Consider inviting a trusted outside party to join in the discussion, such as a family physician, clergy member, or family friend.
  • Listen. Hearing and understanding everyone’s wishes and concerns is imperative.
  • Revisit. Don’t expect to reach a decision instantly. Many people discuss senior living options over the course of several communications, and it’s important to give your family members some time to absorb the information you share.

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