Our Ministry


As our name indicates, we are a Christian ministry with our roots in the non-denominational churches of Christ. For us, our faith is not just a matter of religious formalities. It is the very foundation of what the Care Center is all about.

Our Ministry Of Service

God’s love for us inspires us to follow Jesus’ example of service to others. The words of Jesus, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me,” speak plainly to us every day.

We are dedicated to ministering to our residents and their families by providing outstanding care in a loving environment, going far beyond the basics of mere physical services to offering the true care that touches hearts and lives.

It is this dedication to meeting the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual that defines the Care Center’s ministry of service.

Our Ministry Of Faith

Christians in their senior years often find religious activities and time shared with other people of faith especially meaningful. Yet at this time of life many can no longer get out to attend church services as they once did. Cherished time in worship with other believers “for some, a lifelong practice” has to be given up, and the loss can be felt keenly.

From our very beginning, we recognized the importance of providing a home where people could continue to enjoy the comfort and blessing of a rich spiritual life. For this reason, we have a full-time Chaplain on staff to minister to residents’ spiritual needs. On Sundays, he conducts non-denominational worship services with communion - or invites other churches of Christ to host this time of worship.

During the week, our Chaplain leads informal devotionals, thoughts for the day, Bible studies, and hymn singing which are very popular with our residents and visitors. Our Chaplain is also available for counseling for residents and family members, especially during difficult times of transition.

Of course, at Church of Christ Care Center, Assisted Living, and Senior Housing, we accept and respect people regardless of religious belief and welcome your personal religious leader to minister to you.