Assisted Living Garden Courtyard

At the end of 2019 and through 2020, our major fundraising focus will be to raise money for a Garden Courtyard  project that will provide for two needs:

  1. The courtyard on the west of Assisted Living will be made into a beautiful garden and an external meeting place for residents to gather and relax or exercise. It will have appropriate furniture, a roof structure that will protect residents from the sun, and walking paths for exercise.
  2. Inside the Assisted Living, on the 1st floor of the west wing, there will be a suite converted into a lounge for residents to enjoy with their families and for our marketing team to meet with clients. There will also be a passageway constructed through the suite that will make it easy to enter or exit the courtyard.

There will be signage in or near the courtyard with the names of those who participate in giving that corresponds to one of the giving societies.

For more information, contact please contact Doug Edwards, Director of Philanthropy, at 586-285-7128 or e-mail

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